Thermal Management Materials & Solutions

EUROLINIA offers state-of-the-art thermal interface materials that provide electronic circuits and devices with efficient thermal management and protection against damage caused by harsh environment.

Since 1993, EUROLINIA has been developing and manufacturing thermally conductive materials, silicone polymer elastomers, potting & encapsulants, heat pastes/greases, thermal gap filler pads and films.

We supply electronic hardware manufacturers with thermal interface materials (TIM), insulation & thermal management solutions for electronic circuits, electrical & electro-mechanical assemblies.

Thermally Conductive Potting and Encapsulation

Thermally Conductive Potting and Encapsulation

More reliable and longer lasting protection of electronic circuits and components is becoming an essential part of modern sensitive and miniature electronics manufacture. Our two component silicon compounds protect against environmental pollutants over humidity and extreme temperature, absorb vibrations and shocks, act as reliable electric insulation.

Thermally Conductive Thin Insulating Films

Thermally Conductive Thin Insulating Films

Thermally conductive flexible thin films are thermal interface materials that efficiently transfer heat and function as durable electrical insulation between adjacent surfaces. Non-toxic, light-weight, naturally flexible, high thermally conductive, thin yet very durable (fiberglass reinforced), they ensure reliable electrical insulation and minimal thermal resistance.

Elastic Thermally Conductive Gap Filler Sheets and Pads

Elastic Thermally Conductive Gap Filler Pads

Gap filler thermally conductive pads seal the empty space between the heat emitting component and a heat sink. These thermal interface pads provide effective heat dissipation and electrical insulation due to superior heat-conducting and dielectric properties of silicone polymer, tight surface contact (gap pads natural adhesion), and high thermal stability.

Thermal paste for CPU

Thermal Interface Compound Grease
and Heat paste

Non-drying, silicone-based heat pastes formulated with thermally conductive and electrically insulating, fine ceramic-polymer powders and pure silicone oil. They help to extend the life of heat-sensitive electronics and electrical components. Heat grease function is to efficiently transfer the heat from an electronic component to the chassis or sink.

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