Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) manufactured by EUROLINIA help remove air gaps to more efficiently transfer heat generated by electronic components and assemblies to heat sinks. Our materials featuring high thermal conductivity, adhesion and conformability ensure top performance and reliable operation of electronic hardware.

Our high quality thermal interface materials are the ultimate result of 20 years in the business of thermally conducting insulating materials. We have been continuously improving the formulations and technology to produce and supply top performance heat transfer materials at competitive prices.


Potting & Encapsulation Compounds

Electronics potting and encapsulation

Silicone potting compounds are often used to protect electronic circuits against environmental factors such as UV-rays, oxidation, humidity, gases, dust, extreme temperatures, as well as mechanical stress caused by vibration or shock. When used in compact size electric circuits, potting helps to efficiently dissipate heat and allow the components to be closer to each other.

Electrical & Electronic devices

Automotive electronic devices

Aviation and Marine electronics

Military grade electonic devices

Thermally Conductive Thin Films

Thermally conductive films

EUROLINIA silicone thermal interface films are available with various ceramic fillers in a range of insulating power, thickness, and thermal conductivities up to 1.4 W/mK. These films help extend components’ life, reduce devices’ assembly time, and weight, making them cost-effective and suitable for various microelectronics-related applications.

Consumer electronic devices

Mobile and Portable devices

Automotive electronics insulation & protection

Enterprise computing hardware

Thermal Gap filler Pads

Gap filler pads

Thermal gap fillers are widely used in electronic circuits and electro-mechanical devices with very rough or uneven surfaces and where effective heat removal is required. These soft thermal interface materials function as a gap filling bridge between a heat-emitting source and a heat sink. They can be manufactured in pre-cut standard or custom-designed shapes, thickness, and other properties required for a specific customer’s application.

Enterprise electronics & computing hardware cooling

Electric cars ECUs and Battery pack assembly

Consumer smart home & entertainment devices

Telecomunications transmitting and power devices

Heat Greases for Electronics

thermal compound grease and heat paste for cpu

Heat greases effectively reduce thermal resistance between a heat emitting surface and a heat dissipating device, therefore extend the life of heat-sensitive electronic components. Depending on the ceramic-polymer filler ingredients formula, these heat greases feature a range of thermal resistance, viscosity, and other properties. Thermal greases made by EUROLINIA are easy to apply, organosilicon-based materials found in many thermal management applications.

Consumer electronics with microprcessors

Enterprise computing: CPU, GPU, Memory cooling

Portable devices with high performance CPU

Electric power industry: Converters/Inverters

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