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Eurolinia company introduction
EUROLINIA – Leading TIM Manufacturer in East Europe
about Eurolinia company
Own R&D Center and Production
ISO 9001:2015 EUROLINIA Certificate
EUROLINIA company started as a small team of 5 people back in 1993 in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. They began with the manufacturing of heat transfer material for electronics in a production area of about 20 square meters.

Back then, the main and only activity was developing and producing heat-conductive dielectric materials for electronics. Small production with a few employees, and manual labor – that is what our company was at that time. About 30 years have passed since then, and during this time the company has developed new categories of production, including many modern types of products and materials.

The electronics industry’s demand for thermal interface materials grew at a tremendous pace, which predetermined the rapid growth of our production.

Over the years, the volume of manufactured products has grown hundreds of times. The rapid evolution of electronics created the demand for the development of materials with a much higher level of consumer characteristics. This is the work we have been doing all these years since our company foundation and continue at present.

Our customers include more than 250 large manufacturing enterprises, research institutes, design bureaus from Europe, and the CIS. Currently, the production area has been increased to 1600 sq. m and equipped with new high-performance equipment and increased the staff to more than 110 employees. 

EUROLINIA is constantly conducting research and development with our R&D Center, a non-standard tools and equipment department. This made it possible to implement a full production cycle, increase production volumes, as well as develop new materials and technologies.

Always increasing requirements for production quality was the reason to introduce modern systems of organization and production management. Since 2012 and to this day, the production process at Eurolinia has been certified according to the ISO 9001 system. All our products are also certified and pass 100% final quality control. Starting from the raw materials supply and to the shipment of finished products, the entire process is managed with the support of a modern CPM system.

WHAT WE develop and PRODUCE

  • Heat-conducting materials for electronics (potting and encapsulation, thin insulating films, gap filler pads, heat pastes).
  • Ceramic and quartz infrared heaters and emitters for production equipment.
  • Infrared heaters for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.
  • Elastic silicone heaters.
  • Equipment for infrared heating (ovens, heating panels, heating chambers).
  • Neonatal medical equipment (tables for newborn care)
  • Sheet metal housing products (cabinets, instrument cases, ATMs, payment terminals, etc.)